Late Attorney Hafez A. Jaber was the founder of the third generation in Jaber law firm since 1968. He transformed the law office from an individual institution into a law firm. He was assisted by his sons: Attorney Dr. Talal and Attorney Omar.

He held a BA in Law from the Lebanese University in 1968. He has been the primary managing partner of Jaber Law Firm since 1971. He was the Lebanese State’s Attorney for more than 15 years.

He represented the Beirut Bar Association in Aley District for more than fifteen years. He was member of the Disciplinary Council, then the Head thereof at the Beirut Bar Association for a long period of time. He presided also the Environmental Committee at the Beirut Bar Association. The Lebanese Government designated him from 1995 until 2010 as the lawyer of the Lebanese State.

He attended several Legal conferences for the Arab Lawyers Union in major Arab Capitals. He obtained a Degree in Arbitration from the Cairo Center for International Commercial Arbitration and the Lebanese Arbitration Association. He was one of the active members in issues related to the separation of religion from the state, along with issues relevant to Women’s Rights. He has a number of studies, lectures and contributions relevant to adoption, Civil Marriage and the enactment of a unified law for personal status in Lebanon. He actively participated in a number of associations and organization of social, intellectual and developmental traits.

In his beginnings, he specialized in criminal law, and later on in real estate, financial, commercial, lease, personal status and labor and social security law. He has many studies, articles and notes published in Al Adl Magazine issued by the Beirut Bar Association, as well as in many Lebanese newspapers and magazines. He and his brothers offered a Land to build Aley’s new Palace of Justice in memory of their late father Attorney Anis Jaber, Aley’s first Lawyer.

Attorney Hafez Jaber passed away in May 2019. He was 73 years old.