Dispute Resolution

A core sector within Jaber Law Firm is our dispute resolution department, composed of a range of both local and international lawyers. Where a commercial dispute arises, we advise our clients on a comprehensive resolution strategy. This includes an analysis of the most appropriate forum in which the dispute should be resolved.


Jaber Law Firm’s reputation was built on a history of continuous success at court. The network’s exemplary litigation record is matched by the diversity of its portfolio. This includes corporate; financial; commercial; construction; criminal and administrative litigation.

The advantage of Jaber Law Firm’s litigation department is that all its lawyers are Arabic-speaking with international knowledge of the laws, procedures and cultures of the jurisdictions in which they operate. This significantly reduces the cost of litigation because it removes the requirement to instruct translators and avoids the potential confusion inherent with third party translations.

Jaber Law Firm litigators also have appearance rights to attend court personally. As a result, each case is handled from beginning to end by a single person. This system increases the consistency of argumentation in bringing a case before a court.

Jaber Law Firm also provides, upon request, litigation assessments and consultations concerning the status of lawsuits already in progress.


Jaber Law Firm lawyers have an extensive domestic and international arbitration practice and has developed expertise across all business sectors.

We are able to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the laws and procedures in jurisdictions local to the dispute, ensuring access to procedural and substantive legal advice as well as representation at all stages of the proceedings.

We advise our clients on a wide range of complex, high-value arbitration, involving both local and foreign laws around the world by settling disputes for them in the most appropriate manner, whether by mediation, adjudication or expert determination. This enables Jaber Law Firm lawyers to apply a broad range of doctrines to ensure the optimal amicable settlement of disputes.

An efficient choice of arbitration rules can enable a client to hedge, for example, from the political risks and partial jurisdictional systems of some countries, and help counter any risks often associated with foreign investment.

We handle arbitrations conducted under the auspices of numerous arbitral bodies (ICC, LCIA, AAA/ICDR, UNCITRAL, ICSID, WIPO, DIFC), under a variety of systems of law and a wide array of languages including English, Arabic, and French. We also advise on ad hoc arbitration conducted under the rules of particular associations. We pride ourselves on the amicable settlement of disputes.